First Adult Gaming Esports Tournament

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First Adult Gaming Esports Tournament

Playing video games is something that people of different backgrounds and race from all over the world engage in. In particular, a brand of gaming that has taken the world by storm is eSports, which is a form of competition using video games.
With eSports, players from every corner in the world can participate in organized, multiplayer video game competitions. Many gamers have now abandoned the traditional gameplay (playing by themselves or with someone in the same room) for eSports because they are able to interact with anyone of choice from anywhere in the world.
As lovely and widely accepted as eSports has been, and despite the connection, eSports has brought into the gaming world, it has been missing one very crucial and important element; an adult gaming tournament!
Now , is entering into the eSports scene. And it is none other than Nutaku that is making this happen!
In case you didn’t know, the class and excellence of Nutaku is unparalleled. Nutaku is established as a distributor of high-quality. Furthermore, Nutaku offers for every player that is +18. As a multi-stimulating gaming platform, Nutaku distributes both online games, PC games, mobile games, free-to-play games, and downloadable games. All these games have the option for free players and premium players.
Nutaku, the world’s largest gaming platform, is hosting the world’s very first Adult Gaming Esports Tournament. The tournament is sponsored by YouPorn, the free porn video sharing website which ranks as one of the top 100 most accessed websites in the world.

Benefits of participating in the adult gaming esports tournament
In addition to the fun and enjoyment that gamers are going to experience from playing in this first adult gaming esports tournaments of its kind, there are loads of benefits for participating in the tournament.
In case you are wondering what these benefits are, here are two of them just to whet your appetite;
• All the participants in the adult gaming tournament will receive a year free of YouPorn premium
The winner of the tournament will receive a cash price of $25,000!
Fisrt Adult Gaming Esports Tournament banner
How do I enter the competition?
Right now, I know you are already thinking about how you can be a participant in the esports tournament. That’s easy!
AdultGamesPortal has an exclusive Triviass Survey for the Adult Gaming eSports Championship. All you need to do is visit and complete the survey and you automatically stand the chance to win one of the 64 spots to participate in the Tournament!


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