Why Play Sex Games Online?

To us there are three great pleasures in life; sex, gaming, and sleep. Now, while you can’t feasibly combine all three of them (unless you dream about sex and gaming, we guess), you can easily combine the first two. There are plenty of games like NarcosXXX which have been designed to give you your jollies on both the sex and gaming front.

The main reason people play free porn games is simply because they love gaming. Seriously. Let’s be honest, the vast majority of ‘adult’ games being released nowadays have some adult content in them. We are positive nobody can forget the ‘hot coffee’ incident in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas all those years ago. People have fun playing these games. Obviously, there are a few sex games which probably aren’t worth your time, but stuff like NarcosXXX has enough epic content that will keep you occupied for months and months (with more being added all the time)

People love adult themes to their games too. Yeah, there are some things like Nintendo games which will never have sex in them whatsoever (although, we are sure there are some rather awesome pieces of artwork which put Nintendo characters in all sorts of weird positions), but for the most part, people love adult content in their games. It adds a dose of reality into the mix. Games are meant to be an escape, but they are also meant to feel ‘familiar’ at the same time.

Sex games combine all of this. The provide fun game play which will keep you coming back for more and more. They will provide you with sex. The best part is that this sex is going to be more ‘custom’ than the stuff you find on porn sites. OK. OK. So, it is not going to be actual people fucking, but you have a lot more control over what happens on the screen, which just makes it a lot better in our eyes. You can basically put yourself in the game and fuck people who you would never be able to get in real life.