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Play NarcosXXX  The Most Exciting Adult Game This Year

Narcos is a riveting TV series based on the life of Pablo Escobar. It follows the life of this infamous drug kingpin, as he becomes the most powerful man in Colombia. In fact, Escobar was one of the wealthiest men worldwide at his peak. This series vividly portrays many aspects of his life as he rose to fame. Unfortunately, it does not show actual sex scenes.
NarcosXXX fixes this problem. More specifically, it gives you what the directors of Narcos could not deliver, i.e., the sexual exploits of Pablo Escobar and his associates. In fact, the most exciting part of NarcosXXX is that you can become the director of your preferred sex scene. In other words, you can choose any character you want as you play NarcosXXX. This character will do anything you want. Choose your character and play like: Pablo, Valeria or Horatio
This porn game is unlike any other game that you have ever played. For example, it has highly advanced graphics that make it seem as though the characters in the game are actual people. It also has customization settings where you can change the hair color and body shape of your preferred Puta. That includes customizing the size of her breasts and butts to suit your desires.
The sexual experiences in this game are amazing. They include regular penetration, anal, gangbang, and deep throat. These experiences are typical in the life of drug lords become women and money are easy to find in their world. Therefore, NarcosXXX is helping you discover the sexual adventures of this hidden world.
You can now access a beta version of the game free. However, you have to be eighteen years and above for you to play NarcosXXX. Remember, this game is 100% uncensored so only adults should access it. The first step is choosing your character. You can select Horatio, Valeria, or Pablo. You can customize Valeria’s boobs and butt to suit your preference if you pick her.

Then the sex games can start from this point after NarcosXXX verifies your account. They will start from your preferred location. Possible choices include a drug lab, prison, or brothel among other areas. You can also sell and buy drugs to increase your influence in the neighborhood. You have to be wary of the police as well.
You will receive incredible sexual scenes as your reward for moving to the next step or making the right moves. These scenes include penis massages in addition to blowjobs and penetration scenes. You can have sex with hookers, movie stars, and impressionable young women among others. Play NarcosXXX today and experience the magic of this porn game.