SexEmulator Ultimate SEX Simulation Game

SexEmulator is new fully interactive game where you customise, train and play your character in order to unlock more sex content and erotic game options. Experience your deepest sexual fantasies now!

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Ultimate Sex Simulation Game

Written by: Cortezmarina
Sex simulation games are everywhere. They provide you with great variety of choices in order to recreate your deepest kinks. In sex simulation games you get much more control about what is happening on the screen, which in my opinion, makes it so much better than just watching porn. But let’s get real, sometimes, graphics suck or animation is poor, making your experience a little less enjoyable.

Sex emulation sex game pic
Picture form Sex Emulation game
We present you today with the ultimate Sex Emulator, the game that takes your fantasies one step beyond. You will be able to create your very own sex doll, including not only her skin and hair color or breast size but also her abilities for sucking, spanking, anal and feet games. You can even create different characters and the whole idea is that you train this beautiful virtual reality doll to please you. You can choose from 3 different levels, soft, hard or extreme.
Then, the real fun begins. You can make your virtual doll to do many predetermined sexy stuff for you. The more you train her, your level will increase and the more things you will get her to do for you, approaching her more and more to the girl of your virtual reality wet dreams. Sucking a big dildo, telling you how awesome it feels? Done! Play with her titties? Bet on it! Humiliating spanking? Her absolute favorite! And all accompanied with a sexy voice that will make you feel horny instantly. Graphics and animation are very realistic too, presenting you with the finest material for all your fantasies.
This is a fully interactive game, that you can play for free and where you will be able to build, train and play with your precious doll. You will go step by step, advancing her skills, molding her to your own special kink. You can even chose the angle and background you wish.

Also, there are many other hot features that you can get creating an account. You will get a free trial and you will be able to access other services by adding a credit card that wont be charged for the first 2 days, so you can give the game a chance to amaze you. And we are talking about great hot stuff here, including fisting and tentacle games. advance game options include gang bang and hard core spanking.

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This is a secure website, since they use 256 bit encryption and is 100% private. Wou will be at no risk of exposure, because the game is safe.
Above all, this enjoyable game opens a door to a full new world in both gaming and sex entertainment, keeping you and your account safe. None will ever know the beautiful and horrible games you will play with your new virtual reality sex doll. So, the only question that remains is are you skilled enough?